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Weekly Excel VBA tutorials with Chris Mortimer. ***The Big Idea*** A bundle of Excel and Excel VBA techniques (that everybody can master) can deliver disproportionate benefit. Learn these with Chris, and transform your data analysis skills. As a practising Excel VBA consultant, Chris presents the most important tools Excel has to offer, giving you maximum return on your time investment. ***Long-term Direction of the Channel*** Diversification of content to cover more business topics and (eventually) to offer an alternative to expensive business school education. ***About Chris Mortimer*** Chris is founder of Tiger Solutions Ltd and works with organisations big and small, using Excel to help them perform powerful data analyses without stress. Chris also teaches at Warwick Business School (UK), and has taught business analysis to thousands of students in UK, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. Students value his 'plain English' style that aims to build learner confidence.

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How To Categorise Numbers In Excel Using VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP? But Chris, that’s easy! Well, perhaps it is – for you. And, if you’re applying the formula to textual or ‘discrete’ data. I start today’s video by demonstrating a typical...



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