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Hey, my name is Thomas Garetz and this is my YouTube channel. Story Time 👇 I don't know about you, but I was tired of all of these "Gurus" talking these "strategies" that make them sooo much money... ...but you have to pay them $3000 for mentoring to learn their "secret." (of course we find out they teach the same stuff found on YouTube for free) So I got fed up and started my own channel where I'm documenting my REAL journey. WITHOUT all the Lambos & FAKE income screen shots that have plagued this industry! My focus is to make everything SIMPLE, give the most value, and teach you the exact strategies I'm using to crush it online... so you can too! So if you're tired of these fake gurus and want to learn from someone who was where you are just over a year ago... ...make sure to subscribe & hit the notification bell so we can crush it online together! -Thomas Garetz P.S. Click the "$1000 COMMISSIONS" link below to learn how I made 14k in the last 30 days, for only $7!

Recent videos:

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Make Money with YouTube Shorts Using ChatGPT (NO FACE OR VOICE REQUIRED)

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Make $10,000 a Month Passive Income Selling Books Online WITHOUT Writing (AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE)

I've never talked about this on my channel before, but this method has been PROVEN to work... I mean even Amazon started by selling books online! So if you want to make passive income online...



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