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TIPs TUTORIALs✍️: SHOP: Hi everyone, I enjoy creating Drawing Tutorials and How to Draw videos! I love drawing realistic portraits and detailed facial features, especially drawing realistic eyes. On this channel I share my drawing progresses, drawing tutorials and tips for anyone who wants to learn to draw. I hope my videos will be helpful for you. If you have any questions, please leave me a message. Do you want to learn to draw with me? Become my patron and get access to longer tutorials and tips + individual art critique - here: Find me also here: - Instagram: You can buy my art prints, original artworks or order your own portrait here: - Shop: Thank you for any of your support! Silvie

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My Artwork Tour 2021 / 2022 - A Year of Creating.

Hi everyone, I am sorry for the little break, I needed more time for creating and in this video I will show you my projects I have been working on past months. I hope you like it. Thank you...


Drawing of BILLIE EILISH - 125 HOURs of Drawing

Hi everyone, in this video I will show you how I draw my latest realistic portrait - drawing of Billie Eilish!:) I used graphite pencils for the basic proportions of the face and hair and charcoal...


The most difficult drawing I’ve ever done.

This is the most difficult drawing I have done so far. It is a the largest drawing and also my first realistic charcoal drawing like this. I usually draw using graphite pencils and I love practicin...


Improve your art and unleash your potential.

Thank you for watching! In this video I will talk about my spontaneous drawing process, about a creative flow state and exploring new ways not being limited to art style, techniques, process...


SHADING TIPs - this will make your DRAWINGs perfectly SMOOTH.

Thank you for watching! In this video I will share some tips how to achieve smoother soft shading. I believe these easy tips will help you to improve your realistic drawings. I hope it is helpful!...



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