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Welcome to my channel! I make videos of transforming people's driveways, sidewalks, and walkways absolutely free of charge! I drive around every week looking for the craziest thing I can find. When I do find it, I knock on the homeowners door and offer to do the job at no cost. Usually, they are pretty shocked and sometimes hesitant when they hear this. I also do crazy overgrown yards absolutely free over on my other channel SB Mowing. Check it out here - https://www.youtube.com/c/SBMowing The best way to support me is by watching my videos and interacting with them! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss one!

Recent videos:

He went to the COPS after I told him I'd do it for FREE

I told this homeowner I'd love to clean up his driveway and walkway completely free of charge. He agreed, so I got him on my schedule for a few days later. I showed back up and he immediately...


He couldn't BELIEVE that I would do this job for free - But once he saw the results, he was AMAZED

I knocked on the door and this man's wife answered. I asked if I could clean up their driveway and walkway completely free. She went to get her husband because she was pretty confused. I told...


Homeowner hasn't SEEN her walkway look this good in YEARS - Giraffe Tools Review

Checkout Giraffe Tools for a convenient, retractable hose pressure washer - http://bit.ly/3FrP60G - Use code SBPRESSUREWASHING for 10% off! After offering to pressure wash this ladies walkway...


She thought I was CRAZY with this ODD REQUEST - But she was STUNNED with the result

I knocked on this door and told the homeowner I had an odd request. I wanted to clean up her dirty driveway, curbs, and sidewalk completely free. She thought I was crazy at first but after...


Elderly Couple STUNNED when I MELTED the dirt right off their driveway

This elderly couple were the perfect people I could have done this job for. I started with my wand to clean up the front walkway and edge around the entire driveway. I then took my surface...



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