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About Us! We're Sammy and Tommy, an adventure travel couple exploring the world one destination at a time. Our shared love of travel brought us together in 2013. We were both living in the small town of Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. While we enjoyed the slow-paced beach life for a couple of years, we decided it was time for a new adventure and returned to the US. In March of 2019, with enough savings, we left our jobs and headed to our first destination. With Tommy’s love and passion for photography and video, we decided to share our experiences with friends and family. Our travel year took us to so many amazing places but ended in March of 2020 as the pandemic began to spread. While the pandemic sidetracked us, it gave us the opportunity to to begin editing massive amounts of footage and creating our travel videos. With a desire to share the amazing places we’ve experienced and to encourage people to travel, we started our YouTube channel, “Sammy and Tommy.” Enjoy!

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INCREDIBLE 24 Hours in the Sahara Desert - Merzouga, Morocco

We just made it into the Sahara Desert in Morocco! In our last episode, we left Fez and drove for 9 hours to Merzouga. The drive was actually a lot of fun because we got to see so much of the...


Our Journey Into Morocco’s Sahara Desert - Fez to Merzouga, Morocco

Welcome to the Sahara! The Sahara is the world's largest hot desert, stretching across North Africa and known for its mesmerizing landscapes and unique experiences. This journey has long been...


Overwhelmed in FEZ, MOROCCO - Moroccan Hospitality is UNREAL!

Shop Level8 and use our code Sammy&Tommy10 for 10% Off - https://bit.ly/400IKyg Welcome to Fez, Morocco! Known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and distinctive architecture, the city...


Morocco SURPRISED US! First Impressions of RABAT, MOROCCO - Hospitality, Street Food & MORE 🇲🇦

Welcome to Morocco! Our adventure begins in the lively capital city of Rabat, where we were pleasantly surprised by the genuine warmth of Moroccan hospitality, the captivating beauty of Rabat,...


The ULTIMATE SICILY ROAD TRIP - Taormina, Ortigia, Agrigento, Erice & MORE (Italy’s Hidden Gems)

Welcome to Sicily, Italy's southern island nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean. While Italy attracts millions of tourists each year, many tend to focus on its more iconic cities and regions....



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