How much does the «Ricardo Gardener» youtuber earn?

«Ricardo Gardener»

«Ricardo Gardener»


178 000

Total views:

86 301 595

Channel description:

This channel is dedicated to those who love Technology and who may be having difficulties with Electronics, I strive to create Do it yourself tutorials that aim to solve some common issues people might be having with different pieces of technology or gadgets. A lot of work has gone into the creation of this channel over the years. I aim everyday to post at least one video per day, may sound like allot but when you love Technology and Gadgets like I do and you are always playing with them you encounter allot of problems others may have and I fund cataloging them as a Fix or directions in a video really helps. This channel has helped Millions of People over the years and I hope it will help even more as time goes on. I love YouTube and do my Videos passionately.Editing takes lots of time but even more time is needed to record the issues, explain them as best as possible and then show the solution. Thanks so much for reading.

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