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Welcome to my ASMR channel! My name is Phoenix, nice to meet you. I've been listening to ASMR for years and have finally decided to create my own content. I hope my videos give you plenty of tingles and gently drift you into a cozy sleep ☽ If you have any requests, leave a comment or message me directly! I'd love to hear all of your suggestions. Enjoy! Coucou et bienvenue à ma chaîne ASMR! Je m'appelle Phoenix, ravie de faire votre connaissance. Depuis quelques années, j'écoute régulièrement des vidéos ASMR et j'ai finalement décidé de créer mon propre contenu. J'espère que mes vidéos déclencheront des "tingles" pour vous et qu'elles vous permettront de vous endormir paisiblement ☽ Si tu as des demandes particulières ou des suggestions à m'apporter, n'hésite pas de me laisser un commentaire ou de m'écrire directement! IG : @The_Phoenix_ASMR

Recent videos:

ASMR 😌 BRAIN MELTING 3DiO Triggers (Brushing, Massage, Tapping, Closeup Whispers, etc.) 4K

Tonight, we use all sorts of 3DiO triggers for some intense ear attention tingles. From ear pinching to deep closeup whispers to brushing, check the timestamps to find your favourite! Sweet...


ASMR Spit Painting on YOU 🎨💦 intense wet mouth sounds 4K

Tonight, let me cleanse you with some intense spit painting. I hope this helps you relax and sleep, or give you as many tingles as possible. This video features a lot of wet mouth sounds! Sweet...


ASMR 🤍 Comforting Personal Attention ~ Gentle Sleep and Face Touching, layered sounds [ 4K ]

In tonight's video, let me be there for you with some closeup personal attention and face touching as your best friend. Whether you need me to help calm you down or to breathe, to sleep better,...


ASMR Fr 🥼 Examen Crânien RAPIDE 8 minutes pour les MEILLEURS FRISSONS 🧠

Bienvenue à la clinique Chuchote, loù l'on teste tes 5 sens et la santé de ton cerveau et tes nerfs crâniens. Laisse-toi frissoner à l'aide de Dr. Phoenix! Bonne relaxation~ Si la vidéo...


ASMR BRAIN MASSAGE 💆 Deep Mic Scratching for Maximum Tingles

~ Customize your hair regrowth treatment with MDhair! Use my promo code 'PHOENIX70' to get your first month of customized products at 70% OFF - Click here:



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