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Born into a poor family to a teenage mother and an infamous father, Odetta has had a life that is nothing short of a miracle. She lost her father when she was 6 to criminality in his bid to escape the police. She did not graduate from high school, was homeless, and a college dropout who was pregnant twice by age 17, once from being raped at age 15. Despite her many life lessons, by age 25, Odetta became the youngest Vice President in the US Fortune 500 company that is today Xerox. From her many side hustles and her US dollar six-figure salary, she achieved most of her big goals by age 25. Odetta is the Author of No Regrets, Just Lessons; Odetta Rockhead UNEDITED and Founder and CEO of GOFFAH (Gift of Financial Freedom and Hope), the first e-commerce platform of its kind in the world. She retired at age 42 to pursue her passion and spend more time with her family. Book Odetta Here: [email protected]

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