How much does the YouTube channel «NASASpaceflight» earn?





Total views:

86 607 046

Channel description:

NASASpaceFlight, now in its 14th year of operations, is already a leading online news resource for everyone interested in space flight specific news, supplying our readership with the latest news, around the clock, with editors covering all the leading space-faring nations. Breaking exclusive space flight related news stories and features, is dedicated to expanding the public’s awareness and respect for the space flight industry, which in turn is reflected in the many space industry visitors to the site, ranging from NASA to the commercial space flight arena, plus the international launch industry. With a monthly readership of over 500,000 visitors and growing, the site’s expansion has already seen articles being referenced and linked by major news networks such as MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times, Popular Science, but to name a few.

Top 5 popular videos:

Starship SN9 Flight Test

3 222 696

Starship SN8 12.5km Successful Test Flight - Full Livestream

2 476 898

SCRUB: Starship SN9 Flight Test Attempt Scrubbed

2 242 590

SCRUB: Starship SN8 Scrubs Attempt at 12.5km Test Flight

1 935 128

SpaceX Boca Chica - Starship SN1 cryo proof test failure - Feb 28, 2020

1 780 352


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