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Haere mai/Добро пожаловать/Welcome to the magical world of pleasant relaxation in the safe calming environment of Nana Fox. This is a unique channel that combines ASMR triggers with the most popular hypnotherapy techniques. My experience shows that through experiencing ASMR that is combined with hypnotherapy, people can relieve stress and anxiety, have a better quality of sleep thus becoming more positive and kind in their everyday life. Check out: my relaxing meditations at meditations-and-hypnotherapy.creator-spring.com T-shirts and merch nana-fox-2.creator-spring.com I welcome your pay pal donations, to [email protected] Some videos from this channel I use on my Russian Channel Юля Лисицина www.youtube.com/channel/UCNDA3GBsCV0GSerkQS2LOVQ I was born in the USSR and currently live and broadcasting for you from New Zealand. Kia ora/Спасибо/Thank you!

Recent videos:

Hair brushing ASMR session with real rain sounds and positive affirmations with Elisabeth

As requested in my Ideas post I'm bringing back positive affirmations. The first part of this video is me commenting on the #asmr triggers that I used and on the #hairplay and the following...


ASMR New Zealand Map tracing and pointing - soft spoken

This is a quick and easy video for those of you who requested a map tracing video. It came out quite tingly and I hope you will enjoy it. Next one is coming soon! Check out: 1. My fantasy...


Long hair play | hair brush | braid with Elisabeth - no talking ASMR

The first half of this #asmr #hairplay video is a tingly hair play and then I will use wooden and jade combs, the metal pointer to section Elisabeth's hair and will make a braid. Check out:...


Relaxing Hand Massage with Nana Fox and Tania - Soft Spoken ASMR

A tingly hand massage first performed on me and then on Tania. Enjoy the relaxation and my mesmerizing voice. Check out: 1. My fantasy book Lada Between Two Worlds: an adventure of the girl...


Extremely tingly personal Attention - Face brushing - face care - ASMR

Check out: 1. My fantasy book Lada Between Two Worlds: an adventure of the girl and the fox in Ukraine and New Zealand www.amazon.com/Lada-Between-Two-Worlds-Book-ebook/dp/B0BL8C48P7/ 2....



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