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Music for Body and Spirit - Meditation Music comes from professional musicians who have decided to use their skills for the production of music for the spirit. We chose spiritual music because we believe in its power on body and spirit. In the channel you can find music to practice Reiki, Meditation, Yoga. Furthermore, tracks for Relaxation, Sleeping, and compositions with Binaural Beats. We underline that our music cannot cure a health condition nor does it want to replace the advice of a doctor or health care provider. Moreover, never listen to our music whilst driving or operating machinery of any kind. Enjoy your listening! ℗ 2014 - 2023 Music for Body and Spirit – Meditation Music All rights reserved. Our music is not currently licensed for commercial and non-commercial use. Anyway you can find free download tracks on our website https://www.musicforbodyandspirit.com/free-download/ Email: [email protected]

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639 hz, Harmonize Relationships, No Loop, Positive Energy, Attract Love, Heal Old Negative Energy

This track is a collection of our tracks for meditation without repetitions. The pieces of this collection are tuned at 639 hz. It is used to treat problems within family, between partners,...


Bamboo Flute Music, 528Hz, Cleanse Negative Energy, Zen Meditation, Positive Energy Vibration

In this track we have used 528 Hz solfeggio frequency: 528 Hz. It has numerous beneficial effects: greater quantity of vital energy, mental lucidity, awareness, awakening and activation of...


528Hz, Bring Positive Transformation, Cleanse Negative Energy, Healing Music, Meditation Music

This is a collection of our 528 Hz best tracks. 528 hz frequency gives people the possibility to have deep spiritual experiences or spiritual illumination. Regenerates and harmonizes DNA. ...


All 7 Chakras 432 Hz, Full Body Energy Cleanse, Aura Cleanse, Chakra Balancing, Full Body Healing

This video is the collection of tracks from the chakra series "432 Hz Connect with the Universe". Each meditation lasts 26 minutes. 00:00:00 Root Chakra 00:26:00 Sacral Chakra 00:52:00 Solar...


Reiki Music, Emotional & Physical Healing Music, Natural Energy, Stress Relief, Meditation Music

Everyday life may be very stressful sometimes, therefore we feel anxious. Surrendering to emotional music can free you from stress. Due to the delicacy of these sounds this music becomes very...



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