How to make money on Youtube channels

What does earnings on your YouTube channel consist of? Essentially all income consists of two options:

  • Monetizing your YouTube channel the native way from Google – that is, with Adsense
  • Monetization by selling ads in commercials to direct advertisers and/or using your subscriber base to direct traffic to a source, sell your own products or services

Sources of income

Ytube itself highlights 5 sources of income for partners, the full list is available at the link.

Let’s look briefly at both methods with examples. The first option – monetization from Google. In this case, the most important indicators, of which the amount of earnings is composed, are:

  1. Number of subscribers
  2. Number of views
  3. Channel Topics
  4. The country of auditory where most of the views come from

Important: Monetization is not available immediately, but only when the following conditions are met:

  • The number of subscribers to the channel has exceeded 1,000 people
  • The total number of views of all the videos on the channel has exceeded 4,000 hours

More help with Youtube’s monetization rules here.

Why income from Youtube is not always obvious

It turns out that more or less accurately estimate the income of someone else’s YouTube channel is not such a simple task.
Interesting mishaps are possible.

For example, take a look at this clip here:

It has over 858,000 views, and it would seem that based on a rough estimate of $2 per thousand views, it should have already brought the creator of this channel at least $1,500.

However, look at the number of subscribers – as of today, at the time of writing this article, the channel has only:

John Doe has 705 subscribers

That is, the monetization threshold of 1,000 subscribers has not been reached.

Another reason why there can be a mistake in calculations is that even popular video-bloggers often do not allow YouTube to get income from some videos.

This is due to the fact that Youtube is very sensitive to the subject matter of the video or its individual episodes, and the assessors and moderators can get nervous about certain words or scenes, and disable monetization for the video.

For more information on banned and scary types of content for YouTube, see Help.

Anyway, once you reach the required threshold of subscribers and views, you submit your channel for consideration.
Another content iceberg that can threaten the prospect of making money with video blogging is copyright. Even seemingly white and fluffy content can have pitfalls in terms of copyright.
Here in Google’s rules are examples of content that can be monetized.

The most reliable way to find out how much a channel can earn

Oddly enough, video bloggers are the most reliable source of information. Of course, most follow the principle:

“Money likes silence.”

Nevertheless, there are plenty of honest and open guys who do not hesitate to “blow” their profits.

Here is such a video from an American blogger:

You can also find information about the income of YouTube bloggers in the relevant articles:
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