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Welcome. If you're new to History, come join us as we go through the story of World History. LVL1- Basic overall History of the World LVL2- Deeper analysis of each time period LVL3- Even deeper analysis splitting each period into different subjects ALL OUR VIDEOS ARE PLACED INTO PLAYLISTS SECTIONED ON HOMEPAGE! CURRENT PROJECTS: LVL1: History of the World (1/1) LVL2: History by period mega-docs: 5-part overview series on the different time periods. (1/5 done. Next: the Medieval World) LVL3: History by subject mega-docs: Long-term series about different subjects in certain periods (1 complete. Next: Neolithic Culture) I'm a History major and used to be a writer for Watchmojo before they ran out of ideas and decided to try making vids of my own. I've written scripts, breaking news, and sports, but my passion has always been history since it molds the present and it's important for us to acknowledge we do not live in a vacuum. "Be ruthless with systems. Be kind to people"

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The Mysterious Gods of the Ancient World | Ancient Religion Documentary

This video will go over some of the gods from the Ancient Period. It is not mythical storytelling, but more of a historical look at them. We start in Africa, with Egypt a main focus. We then...


Made In Prehistory: Environment | World History Full Documentary

Made In Prehistory: Environment deals with the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods and how humans interacted and survived in their environments during the Ice Age and afterwards. A major focus...


The Middle Kingdoms of India and the Empires of Southeast Asia: A Complete Overview

The Middle Kingdoms of India picks up where Ancient India left off, and goes through the period following the Mauryan Empire, through the Gupta Empire, and the Delhi Sultanate. The last part...


The Ancient and Medieval African Kingdoms: A Complete Overview

The African Kingdoms goes over the BOTH the Ancient and Medieval periods of African history. It is meant to be an overview. It begins with a general look at Africa's different natural regions,...


Medieval Middle East and the Arab Empires: A Complete Overview

The Medieval Middle East video goes through the post-classical Middle East and the emergence of the Arab Empires. It begins with the early Bedouin culture and the rise of Islam. It follows...



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