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The King of History Shorts Videos! This YouTube channel is all about making history fun and interesting through short videos that are easy to digest. We cover a bunch of different topics from different time periods, and each video is packed with cool facts and stories that will leave you feeling smarter and entertained. Our audience is made up of history lovers of all kinds - from students to casual learners to hardcore history buffs. We've got something for everyone, and our videos are designed to be both informative and enjoyable to watch. If you're interested in sponsoring us, we're open to collaborating on longer videos or even a series that goes more in-depth on a particular topic. Our community is growing fast, and we're always excited to partner with brands who share our love for history and education.

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The Assassination of Hitler's Hangman: Reinhard Heydrich

Dive into the suspenseful story of the "Butcher of Prague" and the daring plot to bring him down! Uncover the heroics of Jozef Gabčík, Jan Kubiš, and a resistance that shook the Nazi regime....


Why Did Nobles Wear Bug Infested Powdered Wigs?

In the 18th century, aristocrats across Europe adopted a new trend: wearing luxurious, powdered wigs that were symbols of wealth and power. Unfortunately, these stylish wigs were often plagued...


Julius Caesar and Cleopatra: History's Most Captivating Love Story

Step back in time and witness a love story that defied empires and shaped history. Join us as we uncover the forbidden romance between Julius Caesar, the powerful Roman general, and Cleopatra,...



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