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Welcome to my cooking channel 😊😘! I really like to experiment and prepare simple and quick recipes so that the food is easy, tasty and inexpensive. I use family recipes and recipes from the internet. I will share the most delicious recipes with you. Your opinion of my recipes is very important to me. I translate recipes into different languages ​​using Google Translate. You can easily read the recipe in your native language, but if something is not clear to you, write me in the comments and I will be happy to answer all your questions. My videos are published every other day. Subscribe to my cooking channel and turn on notifications for new videos so you don't miss new videos with delicious quick recipes. If you like my videos, I will make more and more. If you want to support me then share my videos 🙂. Enjoy your meal!

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If you have potatoes and flour at home, cook this simple and quick recipe! Without yeast!

Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you a very tasty cabbage and potato dinner. When you have 3 potatoes and cabbage, make this delicious dish for dinner. You will be amazed at this way...


When you have 3 potatoes, prepare this easy and delicious potato dish. ASMR

When you have 3 potatoes and eggs, make this delicious potato dish, ASMR video! Recipe for delicious potato balls with cheese. If you have potatoes at home, make this easy, cheap, and delicious...


If you have 3 potatoes. Potatoes with onions taste better than meat. ASMR prescription

Potatoes with onions are tastier than meat. A great recipe with potatoes and onions for the whole family. A hearty potato recipe perfect for lunch or dinner. New delicious recipe for potatoes...


If you have potatoes at home. It's so delicious that I cook it almost every day❗. ASMR prescription

If you have potatoes at home, prepare this simple and quick recipe. It's so delicious I cook it almost every day, ASMR video. Today I am cooking a very tasty and crispy potato in the oven....


Just potatoes, and all the neighbors will be asking for the recipe! They are so delicious! 🔝 ASMR

0:00 - Recipe №1 Potatoes only. Incredibly crispy potatoes, only 2 ingredients. Try it. ASMR video. Crispy two-ingredient potatoes. New recipe. Simple, cheap and very tasty. If you have 3...



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