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Outdoor Therapy

Outdoor Therapy

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Bonjour, My name is Michael Nielsen. I created Outdoor Therapy as a passion project - to help you relax, unwind, study and sleep better. Outdoor Therapy (also called Nature Therapy, Forest Therapy, Ecotherapy, and Forest Bathing / Shinrin-yoku (森林浴) originated in Japan in the 1980's and is known to be very beneficial for Mental Health. My many years of Videography and Photography experience combined with my Wife's 20 years in the Mental Health field as a Therapist make this channel a kind of natural culmination of our combined interests and expertise. I hope you get some benefit from these videos, and please feel free to reach out with any questions, requests or suggestions. Be Well, Michael

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Stormy Night in Hobbiton | Soothing Rain & Rolling Thunder Sounds for Relaxing | Studying | Dormir

987,408 vues

Blizzard in Hallstatt | Howling wind and blowing snow for Relaxing| Étude| Dormir| Winter Ambience

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Stormy Night at a Scottish Castle 4K | Heavy Rain & Distant Rolling Thunder | Relaxer | Étude | Sommeil

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HOWLING WIND Sounds for Sleeping| Relaxant| Studying| BLACK SCREEN| Real Storm Sounds| SLEEP SOUNDS

553,593 vues

Blizzard on North Bay | Howling wind and blowing snow for Relaxing| Étude| Dormir| Winter Ambience

515,389 vues


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