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«Fantasy Meditations»

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This is Fantasy Meditations, your cinematic escape into realms of fantasy and enchantment. Prepare to be captivated as we transport you to ethereal worlds through mesmerizing meditation music experiences. You'll discover a collection of meticulously crafted compositions that blend meditation with the allure of fantasy. Immerse yourself in a symphony of calming melodies, lush soundscapes, and enchanting harmonies. Each track we present is an invitation to explore uncharted territories of the mind, inviting you to embark on epic adventures through the realms of your imagination. Let the cinematic sounds sweep you away, dissolving the boundaries of reality and ushering you into a universe of serenity and peace. Fantasy Meditations is your gateway to infinite possibilities. Join our community of fellow travelers, united by our shared passion for the soothing power of music to transport and calm. So let us embark on our journey...

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Ark - Sci Fi Interstellar Fantasy Music - Ambient Cyberpunk for Study, Reading, Calm and Meditation

Welcome to the Ark! This is a composition designed for focused study, quiet reading, and deep relaxation. This sound world was inspired by an interstellar journey across the galaxy aboard a...


Nocturne - Cosmic Fantasy Journey - Dark Ambient Piano Jazz Music for Reading, Focus and Relaxation

This is "Nocturne," a musical composition written for moments of focused study, reading, and deep relaxation. For this one, we've heavily featured the solo piano, accompanied by ethereal sounds...


Shinar - Ancient Journey Fantasy - Beautiful Dark Ambient Music for Study, Calm and Relaxing

Welcome to the dark ambiance of "Shinar", of whichi we've drawn inspiration from the ancient world of Shinar. We've used the chants of a monk choir, ethereal vocals, and the world tones of...


Xian - Ancient Fantasy Journey - Epic Chinese Music for Focus, Motivation, Calm and Study

Embark on an focused journey to "Xian," a motivational ambient track that draws its essence from the ancient wonders of Xian. We've used traditional Chinese instruments like the erhu, guqin,...


Ascension - Epic Ambient Sci Fi - Deep Cyberpunk Music for Sleep, Gaming, Relaxing and Meditation

This is "Ascension" inspired vivid sci fi cyberpunk landscapes. We've used a lot of hardware synthesizers, haunting vocals, strings and gentle epic drums. There is a lot of technological advancemen...



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