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Hello everyone, welcome, here I will be posting videos on .NET/C# and related technologies. I am a .Net programmer and have been working on .Net and related technologies for more than two decades. I am using mostly C# as my main programming language. I started with .Net version 1.0 and worked through all major versions. I like .Net for many reasons, below are a few to mention: 1. It is open-source, hence if there is a need for a feature or a bug fix we can contribute and make it happen. 2. It runs on almost every platform and operating system under the sun. From Linux, Windows, and Mac to raspberry pi. 3. It has an amazing community 4. The language is getting improvement every single year and becoming better and faster I am very excited about open source technologies and the direction .Net Core is going. Website: https://dotnetcorecentral.com/

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Microservices Authentication/Authorization architectural pattern

Authentication and Authorization in microservices can be done using multiple strategies. In this video, I will discuss three methods that I find to be very useful and the ones I personally...


How to pass test parameters to MSTest methods [C# 11/.NET 7]

00:00 - Introduction 00:10 - How to pass input data to a test method 01:32 - Passing multiple test case parameters for a test method 02:30 - Passing an array as a parameter 03:40 - Setting...


How to use Assert in MSTest for Unit Testing (C# 11/.NET 7)

00:00 - Introduction to MSTest 00:25 - NuGet packages for MSTest 01:00 - Main attributes for MSTest 01:20 - Using Assert to assert test results 03:30 - Using delta with Assert.AreEqual 04:50...


How to pass input parameter to XUnit test methods

In this video, I will cover how to pass test data to XUnit test methods. 00:00 - Creating XUnit test project 00:35 - NuGet packages needed for the XUnit test project 02:00 - Test methods taking...


Parallel class of System.Threading.Tasks to run parallel functions

In this video, I will walk through all the methods of the System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel class. The four main methods of the Parallel class are below, that we are going to discuss in today's...



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