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Hey there! We're stoked you're taking the time to check out our channel!!! I'm just a guy who grew up in Jupiter, Florida loving my BB gun a lot more than my lego's... I love to hunt, fish, freedive and get dirty! And I am just a girl who grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and excelled in softball... When I wasn't on the softball field, I was in a different field hunting with my Dad! I also have a passion for fishing and anything else that gets me outdoors! Deer Meat For Dinner is an in depth look at who we are as individuals and as a couple. We are meat eaters and eat what we harvest! Be sure to subscribe and check out some of our previous videos! This is our story, no make-believe... Keep in touch and please be respectful when you comment. We don't have a problem with you if you disagree with us and our lifestyle, just please don't use foul language and try to be respectful.... thanks and we'll see you soon! (Don't forget to look at our website!! www.deermeatfordinner.com)

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I got SO Lucky with the Giant Black Crappie! {Catch Clean Cook} Lake Okeechobee, Fl

Get 20% OFF + Free international shipping @manscaped with promo code DMFD20 at Manscaped.com! #teammanscaped If you’d like to know more about my friend, Brad, check him out here! https://www.i...


Building a huge Wild Boar Trap! {Catch Clean Cook} Feral Hogs are Taking OVER the Ranch!

Big thank you to Ethos for partnering with me. You can get a personalized insurance quote in 10 minutes for as low as $10/mo by using my code hereL https://ethos-life.sjv.io/dmfd_jan24 I strive...


Lake Mead Is Drying up! The Fish Are Starving! {Catch Clean Cook} with Sin City Outdoors

Thank you PrizePicks for sponsoring this video. Click https://prizepicks.onelink.me/ivHR/deermeat and use code DEERMEAT to get an instant deposit match of up to $100! Lake Mead was incredible!!!...


This Took 500 Years! The Burris Eliminator 6 and The Beretta BRX1 vs Wild Boar! {Catch n' Cook}

Hey thanks a ton for stopping by!!! check out our new merch here: https://deermeatfordinner.com/collections/all OnX Hunt! get 20% OFF Using Promo Code "DMFD" at https://www.onxmaps.com My...


BACON from a Giant Wild RazorBack! {Catch Clean Cook} This Hog was MASSIVE!

This hog was massive and great to eat!!! if you want to know more about the Alabama Black belt and what makes it great, go to: https://alabamablackbeltadventures.org Huge shout out to the...



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