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Stories of claiming independence after leaving high-control groups. Hi! I’m Shelise Ann Sola— former devout Mormon. On C2C, my husband Jonathan and I dive deep into the nuance of culty organizations. From Extreme Christian Fundamentalism, FLDS Polygamy, Amish, Mennonite, Mormonism, Scientology, Ultra Orthodox, and Jehovah's Witnesses, to cults featured in popular docu-series, we interview cult experts, survivors, advocates, therapists, way-showers, authors, and more, to uncover how they find independence and healing through awareness and true individual sovereignty. New videos weekly! If you'd like to support the channel, consider becoming a patron! If you’d like to apply to be a guest on the channel, please fill out the below form. We don’t accept nominations. If you have guest suggestions you can reach out on IG @cultstoconsciousness or for a faster response, reach out on patreon.

Recent videos:

AMISH Mother Shunned for Protecting Her Daughters from Their Father

Forced into the Amish lifestyle, Audrey had no choice but to conform to the strict Amish standards. She married young, and later found out her husband had been hurting their daughters in unimaginab...


Swartzentruber AMISH: The Unknown SINISTER Side of the Strictist Settlement

An expert witness for Amish and Mennonite court cases, Lizzie explains the rules of her intense settlement before taking us through her unbelievable story of disaster, lethal betrayal, tragedy,...


AMISH: Her Unlicensed Midwives Used Veterinary Tools

Having been blissfully unaware of the methods of control and "ownership" of women growing up in the Amish, Elizabeth was not prepared for the dark and brutal marriage that followed. Her husband...


Her ISOLATION in a Strict Mennonite Cult Led to Madness

From an atheist household to strict Mennonite, Jasper had an incredible amount of adjusting to do as a teenager. Her love for riding horses and asking questions branded her with “unruly”...


Growing Up in an Incestuous Mormon Cult

The reality of having multiple mothers can be a dark one. The little ones are the ones who suffer the most. Within this clear imbalance of power lies an eldest son, laden with far too many...



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