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Discover and enjoy these quicker and easier ways of growing and harvesting vegetables, based on my 39 years of growing experience. My speciality is the no dig method, suitable for all soils. It results in fewer weeds, and vegetables plus flowers grow as well if not better than when soil is tilled or dug. And it's good for climate change because no soil carbon is lost in tillage. Decades of trialling methods and sowing dates have led me to a fine knowledge of best practice, in time-saving ways. My advice in these videos brings you harvests and pleasure in equal measure. I wish you success in growing and want these tips to be more widely available, so that everyone who wants to grow great food can do so, without unnecessary work.

Top 5 popular videos:

No dig with Charles Dowding, showing his fourth summer at Homeacres

4 162 909

Best timings and methods for bigger harvests, my Diary tips for easier growing

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Без перекопування, два способи очищення ґрунту від бур'янів

1 800 958

Start Out No Dig, one method with cardboard and compost

1 779 174

No Dig Potatoes from seed to harvest

1 451 880


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