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«Cassio Toledo - Relaxing Music»

«Cassio Toledo - Relaxing Music»



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Lots of peace to everyone, welcome to my channel! I'm Cássio Toledo, and in this space, I'll be continually posting content related to relaxation, meditation, and good sleep. I've got soothing music for you to listen to in your everyday life, whether at work, studying, or during those moments when you're seeking inner peace. You'll find videos, nature sounds, ASMR, and music to calm the mind and settle your thoughts. Nature sounds — like rain, birds, forests, and waterfalls — as well as stories and sleep-inducing music will also be aplenty here. And of course, there's loads of content to assist you during your meditation moments and your pursuit of wellbeing for the body, soul, and mind. In a nutshell, expect loads of nature and relaxing music for sleep, meditation, and studying. I hope you enjoy it.

Recent videos:

Just Listen - Focus on the Music and Fall Asleep Peacefully, Ignore Your Thoughts and Sleep Well

The music is composed especially for you to fall asleep peacefully, your part is to just focus on the music and sleep naturally. If the thoughts appear, just ignore them and return your mind...


Deep Relaxation Music to Calm Anxiety - Beach and Ocean Visual on a Sunny Day, Meditation

Do you want to relax deeply and feel calm inside? Take some time for yourself, focus on relaxing music accompanied by a very positive visual of a beautiful beach with ocean and lots of sun....


8 Hours of Music to Sleep with Harp and Flute, Restorative Sound

8 hour version of the video Sleep with very calm music, enjoy a restful sleep with flute and harp melodies, very calm and cozy sound, for deep relaxation and peaceful...


1 Hour Sleeping Music with Harp and Flute, Cozy Sound to Sleep

Sleep with very calm music, enjoy a great night's sleep with flute and harp melodies, very tranquil and cozy sound, for deep relaxation and peaceful dreams. Sleep with the sound accompanied...


Calming Intrusive Thoughts and Quieting Your Mind - Relaxing Music and Lake Nature Videos

Relax with many videos of natural lakes from around the world with music for deep relaxation, which helps to calm intrusive thoughts that cause stress and anxiety. Try to focus on the audio...



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