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Hello, I am 21 years old. A channel about bushcraft, woodcraft, hiking, cinematic video making and the outdoors in general. I have always dreamed of living in my wooden house in the middle of the forest. I also really like making videos, so I decided to create this channel.The goal is for the viewer to feel as if they were there, taking in the beauty of nature, the scenic surroundings, different seasons, the sounds of the forest. For cooperation, write to gmail Channel support: PayPal - [email protected] Patreon - Channel Sponsorship -

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After 1 Year I Start to Feel at Home, New Build for Off-grid Tiny House | Firewood Shed

#sauna #offgrid #cabin In this episode, I'm alone building a woodshed and marking out my new big log cabin that I'll be starting to build soon. Having spent several days building a Firewood...


Finishing the Interior in the Off Grid Log Cabin Sauna, Installation of a Stone Stove

My off grid sauna quickly transforming into a comfortable place for recreation and cooking. To build the walls and ceilings of the sauna, shower and recreation room, I use unedged boards prepared...


ONE Year a Man Builds the Log Cabin of his Dreams Alone in the Forest, Start to Finish

It's amazing what one person can do in just one year. My name is Bjorn Brenton, I'm 21 years old. I am a passionate outdoorsman living the life of my dreams.Therefore, I purchased a plot of...


Living in a Log Cabin Alone in the Wilderness, Building Walls For a Sauna | Tiny Home

Hello, friends. In this video, I finished making my front door, I installed a lock and a handle, now I don’t have to worry that a wolf or a bear will come to visit me at night when I’m...


Making an Insulated Door for My Off Grid Log Cabin, Painting Wooden Walls Ep.14

The first frost of the season has arrived, so I'm focusing on doors in this video. I design and make heavy doors from pine and alder. I made a 4" thick wooden frame and added Styrofoam inside,...



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