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FOOD, COOKING, DISCOVERIES, NATURE, CULTURE, TRAVEL... DUBAI, IRAQ LEBANON every month with beautiful videos from around the world. On the plane to share with you people, food and travel experiences. . I'm a globetrotter with 46 countries in my portfolio. . I’m Anthony Rahayel, globetrotter, dental surgeon, consultant, photographer, content creator, street food expert, advocate of great food, YouTuber, influencer, published author, TEDEx Speaker, TV presenter. Creator of the Middle East's first street food market in 2015 Spreading happiness connecting people Awards: World Street Food Blogger 2019, World Best Food Account 2020 Traveling to connect cultures, find heritage similarities, and invite the youth to connect to their roots. Traveling across Lebanon, the Middle East, UAE, Iraq, and the rest of the world, my aim is the find forgotten heroes, connect cultures, uncover hidden gems, document our rich heritage while empowering people, and reuniting Arabs through their culture.

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Youth Conservation Corps: A Lebanese Reforestation Initiative with the US Forest Service Program

Youth Conservation Corps: A Lebanese Reforestation Initiative with the US Forest Service Program . هيئة الحفاظ على الشباب: مبادرة إعادة تشجير لبنانية...


From Open Bus Sightseeing to Dinner Delights | Rome & Vatican City Tour

Open Tour Bus Tourism in Rome, Vatican City, Lunch Encounter, Our Trip's Favorite Dinner . السياحة بالحافلة المفتوحة في روما، مدينة الفاتيكان، لقاء...


One Week Around Italy with the Kids, A Family Vacation: Florence, Milano, Venice and Rome

One Week Around Italy with the Kids, A 3Family Vacation: #Florence, #Milano, #Venice and #Rome. Good Food, Lots of #Pasta, #Tourism #destinations, fun and laughs . أسبوع واحد حول...


Exploring Rome's Hidden Gems: Nell's Gelato Quest & Food Adventures. We Didn't Agree...

In this video, we're exploring Rome's hidden gems: Nell's Gelato Quest & Food Adventures. Nell's Gelato Quest is a unique food tour that takes you on a delicious journey through Rome's most...


Relive the Magic: NGNO 2023's Most Captivating Moments (Part 2)

NGNO 2023: The Recap Part 2 With Voice-Over (edited by Houda Harb) -Part 2- . NGNO 2023: الخلاصة مع التعليق الصوتي (تحرير هدى حرب) . Rewinding back to some...



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