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Hello quizzers! My name is Rafał, and I am from Poland. If you're looking for an interesting way to spend your time, you're in the right place! My channel offers a variety of quizzes in different categories, from quizzes that are simple and you will solve in a blink of an eye, to quizzes in which you will have to make an effort to answer correctly. Here are some of the categories of quizzes that you will find on my channel: - Geography & Map Quizzes 🌍 - Sports Quizzes (Mainly Football Quizzes) ⚽ - Car Quizzes 🚗 - General Knowledge Quizzes 👨 - Science & Tech 🔬 - Brain Games 🧠 - Gaming Quizzes 🎮 - Math Quizzes 📐 And much more! If you want to be up to date with the content that appears on my channel and do not miss any quizzes I recommend subscribing to ABC Quizzes! Every single video on my channel is created, edited, and voiced over by me. To edit my videos I am using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.

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Guess The Name of The Monument Quiz

Hello ABC Quizzers! Today you will be able to test your knowledge of the world's most iconic landmarks! In this video, we'll show you stunning visuals of various monuments from around the globe....



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